Acquiro 22


Why Work In Sales and Marketing

At Acquiro 22, we don’t just think about the here and now. We think about what people and our clients will need tomorrow, and the day after. We apply this thinking to everything we do—including the benefits we offer. Working in sale provide candidates with the opportunities to gain confidence and excellent communication skills

mktg13We work with all our colleagues to identify their true strengths and inner talents, so that they grow and evolve at the same speed as us. This, coupled with ongoing investment in learning and development, empowers our colleagues and helps them achieve unbelievable results.

Our unconventional training methods can involve class room theory covering essential skills, from sales and marketing systems through to negotiation and essential leadership skills right the way through to public speaking and presentation. We also offer non-traditional variants such as personal one to one training, external coaching, and internal mentoring schemes.

make a move for a better opportunity

If you come to us as a graduate, you’ll receive coaching designed to introduce you to the different areas of our business; it will also highlight objectives for your professional development. You’ll then undergo skills training tailored to your particular specializations, strengths and weaknesses all under a framework to mentor, support and valuable assessment.

Why You Should Work With Us

To our way of thinking, people learn best ‘on the job’, and that’s when you’ll be given real responsibility, direct involvement within various projects, and ultimately the chance to ‘shadow’ members of our management team.

Within our organisation peoples limitations on the progression they achieve are dictated only by the limitations candidates place on themselves. Which is why we aspire to find and coach only the most ambitious, passionate and enthusiastic people.

If you think you have the right characteristics and are the type of person that we are looking for then join our team.