Acquiro 22


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Once our clients have decided that the direct sales and marketing channels are appropriate for their organisation, our professional sales force are trained and developed to a very high standard to represent them. This channel offers certain advantages to our clients:


Campaign Design and Implementation

With many years of experience in all areas of direct sales, marketing and advertising, depending upon the clients’ requirements, we can cover every area from the overall design right through the to execution and market implementation of a project.


Increased Customer and Quality Sales

Outsourcing to Acquiro 22 is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to target new customers. By listening to our clients closely we acquire high value, long term customers quickly and efficiently using a direct sales model that is dedicated to our clients’ bottom line.

Cost Effective

Our clients pay us based on the successful results we produce. Only a company with confidence that they can get the job done could offer a performance-based guarantee like this. But it gives us a huge unique selling point to attract the most prolific clients.


Speed To Market

Once we have identified our clients’ needs, within a matter of weeks, Acquiro 22 professional sales and marketing force can institute an immediate, widespread and aggressive sales campaign – all without a client needing to invest in the recruitment, benefit packages, training or management of an in-house team. This frees our clients to focus on other important part of their business knowing that our dedicated team will deliver on time.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

With years of experience representing clients in a huge variety of industries from charities to financial services, we use different channels to execute the clients’ needs; these include business-to-business, business-to-consumer (residential campaigns) and in-store or events based promotions using existing contacts with large retail organisations.